Please follow these directions to activate your Omnialert account.

Dominican students, faculty and staff can be notified of important campus information through a mass notification system called Omnialert. Use the link below to log into your already-created Omnialert login. You can manage the types of alerts you get, update your phone number or access other methods (e.g. email) of being alerted to developments on campus.

Omnialert is an “opt-out system”. The following information has been downloaded from student/staff accounts: DC Email Addresses. It is highly recommended that you sign into the system to add your cell number so that you can receive the SMS/Text messages. If you wish to enter additional means of notification you can add them while logged in. You have the option of being notified by Email (personal or DC) and SMS (texting) or both.

To log into DC’s Omnialert go to:


Students use the following login:

Username: firstname.lastname1
Password: password (the word password)



Username: firstname.lastname
Password: password (the word password)


Once logged in, click on the Services tab, follow the directions and add the ways you wish to be notified. We highly recommend that you click on the Account tab and follow the directions to change your password. You must also log into the system if you chose not to receive messages or wish to change information.


It is important to know that this system will be used only for time sensitive information.


John E. Lennon Jr.

Director of Public Safety and Security

Office: 845-848-4061

Cell: 845-406-0895

Fax: 845-359-2861